Whether its Lost & Found or In Case of Emergency. We make sure that you know as soon as someone scans one of these tags. They will be provided with your contact information and you will receive a notification.



These smaller sized tags are perfect for handbags, backpacks, pets - even on a wristband for a child! Gives you piece of mind if you are taking the children to a theme park or other destination where there are lots of people. Even the mall! If anyone finds your child they simply scan the tag and you can give them your location immediately.

Works just as well on pets too! So many pets get lost every day! This is a fantastic solution. We also have smaller round tags for smaller animals.

If you’ve lost your pet or child or the item you have tagged, the person who finds it can scan the QR Code on the tag and immediately you will receive a message telling you someone has found it (or them). You can then communicate with the finder to have you item, pet or person returned, saving you a lot of time and stress!



It's as simple as scanning the qr code or entering the unique web address printed on the tag. The system will alert you that someone has scanned the tag, and the tag finder will then be able to view any information that you have loaded against the tag.

Pickles.Pro provides a communication facility and location tracking within the software in order to provide a more cohesive experience. You can change the loaded information at any time - even after the tag has been lost or triggered.


  • Please note that the Pickles.Pro system is based on a yearly subscription. Your initial purchase includes the first year for free. After the first year you will be required to renew your subscription. The cost for this service is very minimal.