These assorted travel bottles are ideal for transporting small amounts of liquids and lotions. Perfect for carry on luggage. Great for when you are on a long flight and want to freshen up with your favourite perfume or creams.

The spray bottle is perfect for perfume and can be operated by one hand. The plastic material is harmless, safe and friendly to you and the environment. Perfect for storing perfume, liquid makeups, shampoo, lotion and so on. Convenient size can be thrown into most backpacks, purse or makeup bag, which is ideal during travel. 

TSA approved with a zipper transparent bag, just take it and go travel!

Plastic material is reusable and anti-cracking. 
Suitable for filling liquid, like perfume, liquid makeups, shampoo, mouthwash, liquid soap and other liquid or cream. 
Spray bottle is easy to use.
Portable size is convenient for all travel uses. 
Sprayer creates even and wide spray. 
Pipette with mini size can absorb liquid easily and thoroughly to save your cosmetics, which is convenient to carry and store as well. 

Material: Plastic 
Color: Pink or blue
Height: Approx. 8.7-11.5cm / 3.4-4.5inch 
Base Diameter: 3cm 
Qty: 7Pcs / Set 
Weight: 94g 
Each Bottle Capacity: 40ml 
Type: Refillable Bottle 
Function: Storing Perfume, Makeups, Shampoo, Mouthwash, Li