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Our Story

PackMe is an online store that was set up to provide travellers with a one stop shop that they could purchase everything they need to make their travel more comfortable and safe. We also provide interesting travel tips and news about travel including some amazing destinations and experiences. We hope you enjoy your experience and look forward to building a great relationship with our customers!


Hi there!

Welcome to our PackMe site. Let me share with you a little about myself. I have an extensive background in Travel and Travel Consulting. My own travels have seen me visit over 36 countries around the world so far and I plan to add to that list! I am currently also one of the Travel Partners at World Travellers Rolleston where our team of Travel Professionals create unique and exciting itineraries for our clients.

I decided to create this website after listening to many of our clients complaining that they didn't know where to find various travel accessories to take with them on their travels.


Clients would ask questions about what type of Travel Adapter they should take and where could they find a good quality one without having to take a whole lot of different adapters for each country they were exploring. Or they would ask questions about taking credit cards and how safe was it to use them? Or what should they pack in their suitcases if they were going on a cruise and how would they fit it all in?


So I started writing a list of the things I found useful to take on my own travels such as shoe pouches to keep my shoes away from my clothes and of course my multi universal travel adapter with the all important USB ports! I asked my colleagues what their "must take" Travel Accessories were and some of their favorites included packing cubes, luggage straps, and of course a nice comfy travel pillow!

PackMe Travel Accessories was born and this website created to help you and your friends and family purchase all of those travel essentials to make your travel as easy and stress free as possible!


 We hope you find what you are looking for and if you don't - please let us know so we can source it for you. 

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