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PackMe Packing Cells & Shoe Pouches

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Heading off to Hawaii on our holiday I decided to try out our Packing Cells.

It was the perfect time to put them through their paces and see how they stacked up. I was impressed how much I managed to fit in each packing cell. I am one of those people who like to make sure I have packed enough for any possible occasion (much to my husband's frustration!). So I tend to always take too much!

But I managed to take everything I needed as well as a few extras! I must say I found it better to combine two sets which I still managed to fit into my suitcase.

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The shoe pouches were fantastic and I was able to fit at least two pairs of shoes in each pouch and for my flat shoes I could get 3 pairs easily in there. The zips were easy to use and they kept my shoes away from the rest of my clothes preventing any dirt or sand from the soles getting onto anything else.

  1. They were easy to slot into the gaps between my other packing cells. I also packed one in my carry on so I had some comfortable shoes to wear once we got off the plane.

I like to use the smaller pouches for my socks and jewellery and a spare change of clothes for my carry on. Especially on a long haul flight where it is nice to be able to have a fresh change of clothes to pop on before we land. They are also useful to carry a phone charger or other accessories if you don't already have one of our handy Electronic accessories bags.

I also like to use the larger one for a laundry bag so take an empty one with me and use it once I am at my destination for all my dirty laundry.

Once we arrived into our first stop which was the beautiful island of Kauai - I opened up my suitcase and transferred each of the packing cells out of the suitcase and straight into the set of drawers provided in our room. Easy! This meant everything was still in its place and easy for me to find.

Once it was time to pack up I simply popped it all back into my suitcase and was ready to go in less than 5 minutes! No more spending time packing and repacking to try to fit it all back in.

Oh another hot tip - take a couple of empty packing cells so if you decide to go shopping while you are away - and let's face it - who doesn't do any shopping while on holiday - then you have a couple of packing cells to pop your new purchases into!

So what are you waiting for? PackMe Travel Accessories has a great deal where if you purchase 2 sets of packing cells you get a free shoe pouch in addition to the ones in the sets! Check it out here: Set of 2 Packing Cells & Free Shoe Pouch

Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions at all. Or share your experience in using the packing cells.

Happy Packing!

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